MD DNA Day is a high school science outreach program designed to foster interest in biological and biomedical science and consider its application in students’ everyday lives. Our mission is to promote young adults’ curiosity in scientific careers and bring science to life through an interactive lesson in their classroom. To accomplish this goal, scientists at Johns Hopkins University are paired with local high school teachers to teach an engaging, hands-on module about genetics designed to encourage students’ participation and learning. Our vision is to reach students across the state of Maryland, with an emphasis on serving public schools with limited exposure to science outreach activities.

Objectives of MD DNA Day:

  • Foster interest in biological and biomedical science in high school students and teach them to critically assess the impact of these fields on everyday life
  • Introduce high school students to a young scientist to provide examples of (1) how to pursue a career in science and (2) diversity and inclusion in scientific careers
  • Encourage collaboration between Johns Hopkins University scientists and public high school teachers in scientific education
  • Introduce young scientists to science outreach and education opportunities in their community

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